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Former farmer in the villages of Limpopo, South Africa, switched from selling chickens to becoming a unicorn in Affiliate marketing dedicated to popularizing online marketing in South Africa and neighboring Countries.

Hi My Name is Kerapetsi Major and I would like to invite you to take this online course as I believe it will change how you think about online business. Online business is not a scam or waste of time. Is real and is about to change business industries from farming to a guy selling on street. Why not prepare yourself for the 4th industrial revolution by taking this FREE course which comes with bonuses worth R 7 612.5 to help you start your own business without having to invest lots of money.

Online business or making money online is not a thing of the past, it was here then, it here now, and I believe it here to stay.   Today I invite you to join me on this exciting adventure to starting your own online business.



You have heard about Affliate marketing or online business before but you don’t know how and where to start. Or you have started online business before and failed.


You are an employee looking for ways to add extra income without having to quit your day job. Or you are just tired of living below your means, you want to live above your means.


You are a student or unemployed and you want to start making your own money, and you want to stop relying on other people for handouts, and NFSAS for not paying on time.


On this section I am going to introduce you to Affiliate marketing. How to choose a right niche for you to build a profitable business based on that niche. Lastly on this section you will learn how to research products and audience to sell your products.


You are going to build your first online assets, which will appreciate in value as your business grows. You are going to learn how to pick a right domain for your business, a right hosting provider and how to build your own website without having to write a single code.


The best things happen on this section. You will learn how to market and sell other people’s product and earn up to 60% in commission. You’ll also learn how to create you own unique content that the visitors and your audience will love using free online tools.


Wow, what an amazing training. South Affiliates came to rescue, as a fellow South African I find the training very insightful and easy to understand. My online skills has improved significantly. Thank you South Affiliates.

Release Machabe

Forex Trader

The course is simple to understand and fully detailed. For someone who knew nothing about making money online, I fell like an expert right now. Big ups!

Rendani Mavhusha


Your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help people earn online is astounding. Your course not only enlightened me with new information about digital marketing but it also made me realize that starting an online business is simple and not expensive.

Joseph Ximfukwe

Digital Marketer

Wow, honestly speaking this is very good. It shows that you know your stuff very well and you explain it very easily for people to understand and it’s very attractive because you emphaize on the benefits and how it’s also not difficult to do.

Tivani Blessed

Medical Student, SMU

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